Chip-ID/Tattoo-Nummer: 94100002503 ****

This pet has record in the internation database ScanMy.Name.

Rasse: Border Collie

Chip-ID/Tattoo-Nummer: 94100002503 ****

Auswahl des Registrierungstyps

ScanMy.Name ID Tag: SMN-ACA1BS- ******- ****

Haustier Gesundheitszustand: Result: Mutation was detected in heterozygous status (N/P) Explanation It has been studied the presence and absence of mutation c.228_231del in ABCB1 gene leading to defect of P-glycoprotein. P-glycoprotein is a membrane drug transporter and a very important component of the blood brain barrier that prevents entry of many potentially toxic compounds into the central nervous system. The dysfunction of P-glycoprotein in dogs can result in potentially fatal neurotoxic reaction, especially following the administration of ivermectin, acepromazin, butorphanol, doramectin, doxorubicin, loperamid, milbemycin, moxidectin, selamectin, vinblastin and vincristin.

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