Chip-ID/Tattoo-Nummer: 94100002500 ****

This pet has record in the internation database ScanMy.Name.

Rasse: Australian Shepherd

Chip-ID/Tattoo-Nummer: 94100002500 ****

Auswahl des Registrierungstyps

ScanMy.Name ID Tag: SMN-ACA1BS- ******- ****

Beschreibung des Haustiers: Hi! I’m Dizzy. My main language is English, but I understand a little bit of Czech too. I’m friendly to both people and dogs, a little protective of squeaky toys. I’m mamas girl so if you found me, please return me home. You can easily contact my hoomans at my social media- @dizzy_the_aussie.

Haustier Gesundheitszustand: Healthy, no know allergies. A bit stomach sensitive. Friendly at vets, not aggressive or reactive during procedures and check ups.

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